"We love our new BedRyder!  We use it under a shell and we are enjoying drive in movies even in the winter.  BedRyder is a life saver!"
Gene, CA

"We use the BedRyder under a shell on our Tacoma.  When we go on rode trips the kids love to ride in the BedRyder so they can be close to our family pet."
James, CA

"Got the BedRyder yesterday and installed it immediately. Took me about 3 hours due to a bad shoulder. The instructions were very well written.  Didn't leave much to guesswork.  I did have one issue and that is the snap attatched to one of the seats was crushed flat.  If you could send me a replacement I could just screw it on. Other than that it was a piece of cake."
Joe, CO

"I installed the BedRyder in my  Chevy C3500.  I honestly believe the safest place to be in my truck now is in the BedRdyer seats.  The construction of the base, the seats and the harnesses is excellent.  The base was very easy to mount and is very quick/easy to remove.  I am sure we will get years of use from the BedRyder seats.  We had to upgrade from a Yukon Denali(8seats) to the C3500 (6 seats) to pull our new camper and figured we would have to take two vehicles when we went on vacation.  The BedRyder seats solved that problem!  The kids are already fighting over who will sit in the back!"
Brian, CA

"The BedRyder essentially double the seating capacity of my 2 door 

Dodge 1500."

Rob, VT

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"I needed a larger vehicle but could not afford the payments.  I purchased a BedRyder for  less than what 2 monthly payments on a new vehicle would have been."
Loyd, GA

"Installation in my F-150 was a breeze.  I got good support when I had questions. "  
George, TN

"The BedRyder seats installed into my Titan with no issues.  Love the look and they are even legal to use in CA!  Whoda thunkit?"
Pete, CA

"The seating system is great!  Kids love to ride in the truck bed with our dog.  Installation was real easy and it took about 2 1/2 hrs.  Instructions are easy to understand.  Another happy install and customer.......
Oh, and packaging was received just as promised, great customer service"
Roseville, CA

"Our kids are Loving the BedRyder!"
Dawn, FL

"I installed the BedRyder in my 1949 Chevy.  Now we can all enjoy cruzin"
Helmut, UT

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